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Globus is a manufacturer of products made of high-quality thermoplastics
Semi-finished products  |  Tailored blanks  |  Prefabricated parts
Here we provide you with an overview of our semi-finished products, prefabricated parts and cut-to-size material. It is where you will find the right materials, appropriate dimensions and the proper type of machining for your intended use.
Globus Thermoplast Halbzeuge

Semi-finished products

Round bars – hollow rods – sheets & films/panels

Our delivery programme offers a large selection of semi-finished products made of thermoplastics. We will be happy to advise you on choosing the right materials, e.g. with regard to the properties shape, colour, geometry and other application requirements. Many standard products are available for you in stock.

Cut-To-Size material

Tailored cutting of sheets – round bars – hollow rods

We are happy to take an initial processing step off your hands. Upon request, we can deliver rods in cuts that deviate from the standard lengths. For sheets and panels/films, you can choose between tailored blanks that are simply sawn, planed to your required thickness, planed on all sides or along the edges.

Prefabricated parts

Mechanically machined parts based on your sketches or models

Our extensive machinery is available to carry out the machining. In particular, the production processes of turning, milling, sawing, drilling, planing and many more are available.

Quality management and certificates

Our established and certified quality management system comprises all measures for the planning, control and optimisation of products and processes with the help of predefined requirements. Our overarching goal is to continually improve the quality of our products and services, and thus also the satisfaction of our customers.

To achieve this, we are constantly optimising our communication structure, standardising our operational and work processes and developing strategies for solutions, all in order to increase the organisation’s performance in a targeted manner.

Quality-conscious thinking and acting are major components of our corporate policy.  

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